Our Secret Ingredient is Love…

(In the Restaurant World, Maybe the Rarest Ingredient of All.)

People often ask us about the secret to our success. It’s no secret. You see it at the restaurant every day. We all love what we do.

It’s been that way since Drago and Klara Cvitanovich opened our restaurant in 1969. They set out to offer delicious seafood and a good time to guests for a reasonable price. At that time, they couldn’t even imagine how many guests that would become.

Today it’s still a family atmosphere. Klara is still at the front to greet our guests. Tommy Cvitanovich, Drago and Klara’s son, is there to see that things run smoothly.

Our family has grown a lot since the early days—and our work family too. It would be impossible to do what we do without our very hard-working and loyal staff. Drago’s now has more than 400 employees who help us carry our legacy forward. And we all have a great time doing it!

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